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Infopaq Accounting System is designed by a group of software developers with more than 10 years of deployment experience in various industries like wholesale, retail, manufacturing, service industry and etc. With in-depth understanding of business requirements, Infopaq has grown to become an ideal and quality solutions that helps our clients to transform their business in efficient and effective manner.

With the integration of Microsoft SQL Server, Infopaq Accounting Software even works robustly in windows environment and provides a stable, functional and performance platform to our clients. In 12 March 2014, Infopaq Accounting System has been certified by Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD) as Grade A GST accounting software.

With continuous feedback from our clients, Infopaq Accounting System will evolve and progress to meet the ever growing user demands in cost effective manner.

Features of Infopaq Accounting System:

  • General Ledger
    • Issuance of payment voucher and official receipt
    • Posting journal
    • GST submission module
  • Account Receivable
    • Issuance of tax invoice, debit note and credit note
    • Manage customer relationship
  • Account Payable
    • Record goods received and vendor invoices
    • Manage supplier relationship
  • Inventory
    • View real time stock quantity
    • Manage inventory in multiple locations
  • System Security
    • Control user access